In this section You will find a selection of useful documents and forms.

"Ordering" contain downloadable versions of our order forms, both for Seychelles IBC and Seychelles Special License Companies.

"Legislation" contains full wordings of the main laws in Seychelles, which regulate the offshore company formation, due diligence and licensing of the offshore incorporation service providers.


Order Form IBC Order Form
If You do not wish to use our Online Order Form, this is the same form in *.pdf format. Please complete and send back to us by fax, courier or email.

Company Formation and Management Agreement Terms and Conditions of Business
These are our standard Terms and Conditions of business. They protect the clients` interests, and ours, too. Downloadable for printing and signing.

Annual Report form Annual Report form
This is the new Seychelles IBC Annual Report form. Must be submitted annually by all companies.

CSL Application Form Seychelles International Trust Order Form
If you wish to establish a Seychelles Trust, please complete this form and send it back to us by fax, courier or email.


These are complete wordings of some of the most important laws which regulate offshore company registration, operation and management in the Republic of Seychelles, and the related areas of offshore financial services business, like registered agents, banks, trust companies, insurers and offshore investment funds.

IBC Act 1994 Seychelles International Business Companies Act 2016
This is the primary and the most important piece of legislation. It regulates the incorporation, legal status, tax benefits and management of the Seychelles International Business Companies. For all in-depth legal issues in relation to the Seychelles IBC, the answer is probably in this law.

International Corporate Service Providers Act 2003 Seychelles International Corporate Service Providers Act 2003
All offshore incorporation service providers (Registered Agents) in Seychelles are licensed and regulated under this law. This includes Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd.

International Trust Act International Trust Act 1994
Legislation for creating offshore trusts in Seychelles.