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Can I register a mutual fund or investment fund in Seychelles?

While a Mutual Fund Act has been adopted in Seychelles since 1997, the supporting regulatory infrastructure does not provide for a clearly understandable and transparent procedure of offshore investment fund registration and licensing in the Seychelles. As a result, registration of offshore mutual funds in Seychelles have been practically non-existent.

In respect to offshore mutual funds, one of the most popular jurisdictions for that purpose is British Virgin Islands, with more than 3000 offshore funds registered. Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd office in the BVI can provide further information and assistance in this respect. For further information on BVI offshore mutual funds, please follow the link to the site of our affiliate office: http://www.offshorebvi.com/offshore.mutual.funds/

Please note that the potential success of the licensing of an offshore mutual fund or hedge fund largely depends on the character, previous experience and business background of the principal. Substantial amount of information and documents will be required from all potential applicants for an offshore mutual fund license.