Ordering and Pricing

Are there any types of business that You do not accept?

Yes, there are some. We will generally refuse to register an offshore company for clients intending to operate any variations of a multi-level marketing scheme. We will also not provide IBC incorporations for clients who purport to raise funds from general public while avoiding to be properly licensed and regulated, or in any other way attempt to bypass the usual licensing requirements in regulated areas like securities trading, insurance and banking. We will not provide our services to companies trading in weapons, ammunition or military technology, regardless of the fact that it may be legal where the client comes from. We will not register politic and social organizations, non-profit organizations and charities. We will also not register offshore companies for Politically Exposed Persons, i.e. individuals, who are members of any state or municipal governments of any country or high-ranking government officers.

In general, we may resign and refuse the provision of any services, at any time, if it appears that our client has not been truthful with us and has intentionally and grossly misinformed us on their intended area of business operation and if this business appears to be compromising on legality. For instance, we may resign from providing any services for clients, who operate adult internet sites featuring controversial content.