Ownership and Control of my Offshore Company

How can I be certain that you are not going to steal my money and blackmail me?

As a licensed Registered Agent firm, our operations are monitored and regulated by Financial Services Authority, which supervises all corporate and trust service providers in Seychelles. Any dissatisfied client with a valid claim can directly complain to Financial Services Authority, in which case our actions will be investigated. If any wrongdoing on our part is determined, our firm will lose the license and we will be out of business, period. In this respect, the business of International Corporate Service Providers is supervised and monitored in the same way as the business of banks or insurance companies.

On a more practical side, an offshore company can be set up in a way that neither the Registered Agent nor any associate or nominee related to the Registered Agent have direct access to company funds and assets. The Registered Agent may even have no knowledge as to where in the world such funds and assets are located. Such setup would require the involvement of the beneficial owner as the sole signatory on company accounts, which is not the best option for secrecy purposes. However, if the beneficial owner chooses such option, even a theorethical possibility of embezzlement is virtually eliminated.