Offshore Bank Accounts

Why do you charge a fee for the bank introduction and assistance with account opening?

The offshore bank account introduction is a professional service, whereby we as Approved Introducers of the bank refer our client to the bank, provide the client with a full set of account opening forms, assistance or instructions as to how these forms should be appropriately completed. Following the completion of the account application file, we introduce the client to a dedicated customer services manager in the bank, who would take the whole account application process directly from there. The bank account introduction is a one time service, charged at a rather nominal amount.

In most cases, the bank account opening can be completed by mail, without a personal presence of the client. At the same time, there are banks which require personal presence of the beneficial owner, either at the time of account opening, or within a certain timeframe after opening.

In some circumstances, the Registered Agent`s involvement in the bank account opening process may also include evaluating the clients` needs and background in order to suggest which could be the most appropriate bank to approach. We may also complete some of the account forms for the client or, ultimately, get involved into some of the regular management functions of the account.

During the whole bank introduction process we spend quite a lot of our time in order to assist the client with the account application. Quite often the time spent by a qualified member of staff on any particular offshore bank account opening much exceeds the time spent on a new IBC formation. Therefore, it is quite logical that this service involves a fee.

A bank introduction service is optional. Nothing precludes the company owners from approaching any offshore banks at their own discretion.