Seychelles International Trust

What types of trusts can be created in Seychelles?

Seychelles International Trusts are deemed to be irrevocable by default, but revocable trusts are also permitted. The majority of Seychelles international trusts are established as irrevocable discretionary trusts, which allows trustees to exercise greater flexibility in dealing with changes in the needs and situations of beneficiaries, but prevents the dubious presumption created by revocable trusts.

The Act specifically provides for the following types of trusts:

  • international trusts
  • charitable international trusts
  • purpose international trusts, and
  • other trusts – these are referred to in the Act and include commercial (trading) trusts, life insurance trusts, cash deposit trusts and trusts resulting from acts of the Court.

This list, however, is not exclusive, and alternative trust varieties tailored to client specific needs are also available.