Seychelles International Trust

What are the main features of the Trust law?

  • Seychelles International Trusts must be registered, though no trust deed or confidential information is submitted or filed with any Seychelles government registry.
  • No information regarding the personal details of the settlor, or any beneficiaries are required to be made public, an exception being made for Seychellois beneficiaries.
  • The International Trusts Act permits both revocable and irrevocable trusts.
  • Both charitable purpose and non-charitable purpose trusts are permitted.
  • An international trust or the transfer or disposition creating an international trust cannot be invalidated by any foreign rule of forced heirship.
  • Additionally, the trust concept being unknown to or not admitted by the laws of a foreign jurisdiction cannot serve to invalidate an international trust.
  • Creditor claims against settlors are not permitted by Seychellois courts 2 years from the date assets are transferred to the trust.
  • There are no restrictions on the accumulation of trust income.
  • Seychelles imposes absolutely NO tax on any trust income.
  • There is no requirement for stamp duty or capital gains tax.
  • Property worldwide of any kind can be included in the trust property, except for property in the Seychelles. However, trusts can own shares in Seychelles International Business Companies, own other international trusts, and maintain bank accounts in Seychelles.
  • Settlors may not be residents of Seychelles at any time during the establishment or duration of the trust.
  • Settlors are permitted to be beneficiaries of the trust, however, they may not be sole beneficiaries.
  • Trust beneficiaries must be identifiable by name or ascertainable by reference to
    1. a class, or
    2. a relationship to another person, whether or not living at the time of the creation of the trust or at the time by reference to which, under the terms of the trust, members of a class are to be determined.

  • Seychelles International trusts require a minimum of two trustees unless administered by a licensed resident Seychelles Corporate Trustee. Licensing of corporate trust service providers is carried out by the Financial Services Authority. Additional co-trustees are permitted. Co-trustees may be resident or non-resident.
  • Protectors are permitted.