Seychelles International Trust

What is a Seychelles International Trust?

Trusts were introduced into the legal system of Seychelles by the Seychelles International Trusts Act of 1994. Amendments to the original act were made in 2011 by the International Trusts (Amendment) Act of 2011, which served to increase the desirability of Seychelles as an international trust jurisdiction by introducing greater flexibility into Seychelles International Trusts. 
The government of Seychelles drafted the Act after a thorough study of different practices in other top trust jurisdictions. After careful consideration the drafters in Seychelles incorporated all of the best features of other trust legislation, while also including various modifications and innovations that allowed for greater flexibility and stronger asset protection. As a result, Seychelles law is an exemplar of premier asset protection trust legislation. 
Seychelles International Trusts are commonly used in conjunction with the Seychelles International Business Companies. By using a trust to hold shares in the IBC, an additional layer of legal protection is provided for the owner. Moreover, this can enable beneficiaries to defer or avoid any possible tax on the profits of the IBC for an indefinite period.