General Knowledge About Offshore Companies

How popular are offshore companies - will I stand out from the crowd?

This is another myth. Tax havens and offshore companies have been around for many decades. Tens of thousands of new offshore corporations are incorporated worldwide every year. Millions of IBC`s are in operation all over the globe. Offshore companies are owned and operated by practically all of the big, Fortune-500 sort of supranational corporations. In this time and age, it`s actually a necessity: offshore operations may decrease Your overall overhead (on tax and management costs), so You become more competitive. True for big corporations and startups, alike. So offshore is not something on the fringes of the business society, rather, it`s right in the middle. Some estimates say that more than half of all the money in the world (just imagine how much it is!), actually resides in offshore accounts at any moment in time. All international trade in goods, commodities and services is predominantly transacted through low-tax or zero-tax companies. Investment funds are routinely registered in tax havens, so they are not burneded with excessive tax and can provide most competitive returns to their investors. A variety of offshore holding companies help businesses invest abroad with minimum loss on witholding tax. Much of the global e-business resides offshore - it`s a marriage in heaven. The list can go and on. To understand this trend, just think of money as water - it will always flow from high (tax and burden) to low, and both will always find it`s way through!