Structure and Registration Procedures of Offshore Companies

Why are certain words not permitted in the name of the offshore company?

As in any country, using some words in IBC names is restricted or prohibited. The first group of those words are related to specifically licensed activities. If You want to refer the company name to activities like banking, insurance, re-insurance, trusts, Registered Agent services, asset management. In fact, You can use such words, but only through a prior licensing procedure aimed at the particular activity. For instance, to use a "banking" word in Your company name, You would have to apply for the banking license with the Central Bank of the Republic of Seychelles.

The other group of restricted words are the ones that would misleadingly imply an official patronage or connection with the Republic of Seychelles or the government of Seychelles, as well as similar patronage of any other country or its government. However, the final word in approving such names is with the Registrar, who may permit the incorporation of a company under a name that includes the word "Seychelles" if there is a good logical reason for doing so.

The third group of restricted words is open-ended, and much at the discretion of the Registrar of Companies. Any obscene words or expressions will be refused. Names that allegedly copy or resemble too closely an existing business name will be refused.

Generally, the name restrictions are aimed to prevent the misleading of general public.